Navigating the Second Quarter: Business Focus Areas

Can you believe we are already through the first quarter of 2024? I don’t know about you, but the time flew. With the speed of change these days, it seems imperative to reassess strategies and realign focus areas to adapt and thrive. A great brainstorming session, or a Quarterly wrap meeting are great methods to […]

Celebrating Excellence: The Language Group wins “Best Places to Work” Award in Virginia!

We are ecstatic to announce that TLG has been honored with the prestigious “Best Places to Work” award! This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to cultivating an exceptional workplace environment where employees thrive. From fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity to prioritizing work-life balance and professional growth, our company has consistently prioritized the well-being […]

Interpreters can be Unsung Heroes

The vital role of interpreters during trying times. War is undoubtedly complex and devastating. It brings to the forefront the need for communication, both within military forces and between opposing sides. In the midst of this chaos, interpreters are the unsung heroes who play a pivotal role in ensuring effective communication, intelligence gathering, and maintaining […]

Hey HR- here are 5 reasons you need a Language Service Provider

As businesses continue to expand their global reach, human resources (HR) professionals face increasing pressure to communicate effectively with employees, clients, and other stakeholders who speak different languages. That’s where we come in. The Language Group has over a century of combines industry experience to help any HR department meet their language service needs. Here […]