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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days, and it’s gaining more and more interest.  We’re no exception here at The Language Group (TLG).  So we asked an AI engine to explain what it means to “get lit” (stay with us).  Here’s what it said: 

The term “get lit” can have different meanings depending on the context and the people using it.  In general, it refers to a state of being highly energized or excited, often accompanied by a feeling of euphoria or enthusiasm. 

It then went on to describe nightclub culture and the use of various intoxicating substances, and cautioned us on the negative consequences of engaging in such behavior.  TMI, AI.  And stay in your lane.  But point well taken.  We will not be attending a rave anytime soon. 

“Getting lit” with TLG does in fact involve excitement and enthusiasm – if you’re into business intelligence data, that is.  LIT is our Language Intelligence Tool, which helps enhance our clients’ outsourced multilingual efforts.   

Or as AI puts it, data analytics that …can help organizations improve their operational efficiency by providing valuable insights into their operations and enabling them to make data-driven decisions that can lead to cost savings, process improvements, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Thanks, AI.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

We could spend some time telling you about all the practical applications of LIT, like its ability to enable: 

  • Fast, accurate cost allocation across the entire enterprise, 
  • Trend analysis and forecasting for emerging and anticipated needs, 
    • Or better scheduling decisions for qualified internal resources. 

    We could also go into some detail about LIT’s ability to track mission critical KPI’s, like spend and savings, fill rates and connect times, and even cost per encounter.  Or how it simply helps save time and money while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.  But all of that’s a little boring, like AI’s response to TLG when we asked about its self-awareness: 

    As an AI language model, I am not capable of self-awareness in the same way that humans are. I am a computer program designed to process and generate language based on patterns in data, and I do not have consciousness or subjective experiences. While I can simulate conversation and generate human-like responses, I do not possess true awareness or consciousness. 

    Translation:  “I am no fun at parties.” 

    So let’s get real about what LIT could do for you.  Could LIT help you: 

    • Get a raise or a promotion because you saved the company significant time or money? 
    • Receive fan mail from customers who gush over the outstanding service they received? 
    • Justify additional budget or headcount by presenting a rock-solid business case? 
    • Or score a free lunch with the VP of Compliance, who loves how you effortlessly track performance and regulatory adherence? 

    AI Caveat: Ultimately, whether something is possible depends on a complex interplay of factors, including the laws of physics, the limits of human knowledge and understanding, and the determination and creativity of individuals and societies. 

    Again, no fun at parties. 

    Okay, okay, your mileage may vary.  But here at TLG we are serious about two things:  1) providing outstanding customer support, and 2) putting our money where our mouth is.  Our Language Intelligence Tool is just one shining example of both.  Get LIT with TLG and see for yourself! 

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