The Language Group Tours Local Pediatric Hospice Center

Emphasizing Compassionate Care for End-of-Life Patients

Portsmouth, May 11th – TLG, a leading Language Services provider, embarked on a special visit to Edmarc Hospice for Children this month, as part of its ongoing commitment to understanding and promoting compassionate care for individuals facing end-of-life challenges. The visit aimed to gain insights into the remarkable work carried out by the pediatric hospice professionals and their dedication to providing comfort and support during difficult times.

Hospice care is a vital aspect of healthcare that focuses on providing comprehensive support for patients with terminal illnesses. TLG recognizes the significance of this field and the essential role hospice centers play in fostering dignity, respect, and emotional well-being for both patients and their families.

During the visit, representatives from TLG had the opportunity to engage with the compassionate pediatric staff at Edmarc and witness firsthand the exemplary care provided to these young patients. The tour included various departments, such as patient rooms, common areas, therapy spaces, and support facilities. The TLG team was deeply moved by the profound dedication and compassion exhibited by the healthcare professionals, volunteers, and support staff at the hospice center.

TLG believes in leveraging our services such as virtual, in person and over the phone interpretation, to positively impact society. Through this visit, TLG aimed to increase awareness about the importance of hospice care at any age and encourage discussions on how advancements in language services can complement the existing services provided by these centers.

“We are honored to have had the opportunity to visit Edmarc Hospice for Children and witness the remarkable work being done here,” said Madison Handley, a representative from TLG. “The dedication and compassion demonstrated by the staff are truly inspiring. TLG remains committed to exploring ways in which our services can contribute to improving end-of-life care and support for patients and their loved ones.”

Edmarc has been at the forefront of providing exceptional hospice care in the Hampton Roads area since 1978. Their multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and therapists, offers personalized care plans, pain management, emotional support, and bereavement services.

TLG’s visit to Edmarc aligns with its mission of utilizing language services to foster positive societal impact. By engaging with local communities and organizations, TLG seeks to promote a deeper understanding of language barriers and communication challenges within these organizations and collaborate to explore innovative solutions.

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