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Linguistic Solutions for your HR Departments needs

Regardless of your industry or business, you need to ensure employee communication is consistent no matter the language of your staff, or their location worldwide.  Your team needs to discuss a sensitive and confidential employee contract, NDA, open enrollment, injury on the job, or even a termination. Our language solutions allow you to not miss any documentation deadlines, as we work in tandem with you as you create your HR documents, in order to ensure timely distribution…

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Solutions for HR

Document Translation

Document translations, Transactional Translation, Open Enrollment Guides, SOB, and many more written Services.  

Phone Interpreting (OPI)

We have one of the most robust OPI systems in the country.  When you call our system, you always speak to a human being in order to ensure you are routed to the proper interpreter for your language needs.  Our connection times are some of the fastest in the industry.  We are happy to provide demonstration of our service.  

Multilingual Staffing

In some instances, a la carte interpreting services is not a good fit for you.  In some cases, you may need a long term solution.  Our linguist staffing solution allows you to save on your budget, and ensures language continuity, and a dedicated staff member that becomes a member of your organization.

ON-SITE Interpreting

We are the gold standard in which you should measure all other onsite services against.   The company was founded on the principle that language services are not a commodity, but can be managed in a streamlined fashion as a commodity would.  The end result is that you, the client, receive the personal service you expect, but with the efficiency of modern technology.

Enterprise Solutions

Integrated solutions for Enterprise level clients. Access and system level integration of customized solutions and advanced linguistic  technologies.  VRI, ONSITE staffing, Neurological Machine translation NMT, Multilingual Publishing, ERP, CMS Integrations. AEM Localization, SAP Custom Localization and many more    

Video Remote Interpreting

With new technology comes new solutions.  Our VRI platform is robust and responsive.  After just a few button pushes, you have an interpreter on the screen ready to assist with your communication needs.  

American Sign Language

ASL interpreter services are managed in the same fashion as other spoken language interpreters.  All you do is call us to schedule an interpreter as you would for any other language.  Our database of ASL interpreters is very robust and we will provide you the same level of service in ASL as we do in our other languages.

How Do I know Which Service is Right For Me?

Language and culture are influencing your business outcomes in many areas. Let us show you how our solutions might benefit your organization and your bottom line.  

Industry relevant samples

There are many ways to apply a language services plan for your specific needs.  Ultimately, each solution would be customized for your specific needs.  An example of a language barrier getting in the way of your success can be if your company deals with the public.  In this instance, you would need to implement a language program as 1/5 of U.S. Households speak a language other than English.   

Common Challenges and Solutions

Language barriers are quite common.  Our solutions are easy to implement, and quickly become part of your standard operating procedures.  Thereby turning, what seems to be, a logistical nightmare into a “common” component of your everyday operations.

Where Clear Communication is Key

Our goal is to ensure your message is delivered as you intend across multiple languages and multiple mediums.  You work hard to craft your message.  We work equally hard to ensure your message is received as you intend by all audiences.  Clear communication is indeed key!

Financial Benefits and ROI

Often, language service expenses are relegated as another expense item on your company’s financial statements.  Language service expenses are rarely viewed as a cost of sales or as an investment.  In conjunction with Nimdzi Insights, we have commissioned a report on the ROI of language services.    Please go to our home page to download a copy.   

Patient/Client Satisfaction

We all have clients.  Our goals are to make sure our clients are happy.  We have often heard the old adage: “Speak the language of your client”.  This holds true even more if they speak a language other than English.  We help you speak the language of your clients.

Our Approach

Rather than stating what we can do, we focus on what you need. Linguistic services can apply in a multitude of options and combinations.  Our goal is providing you with the right solutions for your needs and budget at your fingertips. Specifically in today’s interactive and increasingly multicultural world,  it becomes crucial to get your message across in written and spoken language as accurate and as quickly as needed. 

We can provide you with cost effective and easily implemented solutions today. 

How It Works

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Communication Plan

Let us support you in creating a customizable language services plan for your organization.

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