Have you seen it? Our updated website has launched

We’ve been working hard on this project for the past few months, and we’re so happy to finally share it with you.

Rebranding can sometimes be a challenge, but we were ready for it. TLG introduced the new brand during the winter of 2022, and since have been diligently working to create and design a more simplified, user-friendly and informative site. We’ve updated some features, such as our resources menu (previously blog), which now contains our Blog & News, a Careers section and a streamlined login for clients. We’ve also made it easier to find the service information you need, with intuitive tiles on each services page as well as the homepage.


This website allows us to better educate both current clients and prospective clients on what The Language Group can provide. We are an all-in-one solutions provider catering to all industries. 

On our Blog & News (where you are now), we will share informative and engaging content through mediums such as blog posts, articles, videos, webinars, workshops and more. 

Already know you need Language Services or want to talk solutions?  Click here to get in touch with us today and learn more about our robust systems and tools, as well as our amazing team. 

We always appreciate feedback; it is what allows us to improve and excel. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the new website and what we can do to better serve our current and future clients.


*This site created by ASM Creative

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