Video Remote Interpreting

Spoken and Sign Language

VRI is a user friendly, mobile and browser-based platform. It is easy to implement, device agnostic, and requires no plug-ins or installations. 


Introduction VideoQuote

INTRO – OnDemand Video Remote Interpreting  

Here is a quick snapshot of what VRI offers:

  • Secure HIPAA compliant platform
  • 20 + languages via video
  • 200 + languages via audio
  • Quick connection times (40 seconds average)
  • Ability to customize your top languages for quick dial
  • Customized data capture
  • Direct callback feature if interpreter gets disconnected
  • Highly qualified medical interpreters

Short Introduction Video: 

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Mary Wilson- Director of Client Services


The transition between languages of the spoken or written word must be harmonious between cultures. The subtle meaning behind a word often has more impact than the word itself. The Language Group (TLG) provides a full suite of language solutions. If you have any language related issue, TLG has a solution for you.

Choosing the proper Interpreting Service

We can provide a full range of interpreting services to suit your specific requirements. Depending on the context of your need, specialized interpreting services are available to you. Any type of interpreter can be requested from our website.

If you need help deciding which type of interpreting needs you have, call us at 757-431-9004 or email


  • Our ON-SITE Assignment Fill Rate 97.8% 97.8%
  • Industry Standard 82% 82%
Renee Soltis

Renee Soltis

Director of Interpreter Operations


Live Answer Operators

Each call coming into TLG is answered by a live operator. It has been our experience that the easiest way for our clients to feel comfortable in accessing language services is to dial the phone and hear a live operator assisting them and their needs.

Rapid Connection to an Interpreter

Via the unique TLG computer/telephony call center, interpreters are made available for the call, sometimes even before completion of the order entry.

Highest Possible Interpreter Quality

TLG takes pride in consistently providing quality interpreters to its clients. Testing, credentialing, and supervising the interpreter base assures a quality standard that meets the standards set by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Measurement).

Elimination of One-Time Fees

No service charges and no monthly fees…ever

Supreme Flexibility

The TLG business model is built to meet each customer’s unique needs, whether technical, financial, or operational in nature.  TLG has the answers.

Customer Care

TLG is committed to providing the highest quality of Customer Care in the industry. We have an entire department dedicated to ensuring that each customer’s needs are addressed quickly, accurately, and honestly.

Practical Examples of our work


  • Patients whom do not speak English admitted into Emergency Department.
  • Physical Therapy appointment with Spanish patient.
  • Russian patient during Labor and Delivery
  • French Surgery Appointment
  • Medical Management appointment with a Deaf Patient
Our national response rate to provide an interpreter onsite with no notice is less than 1 hour anywhere nationwide.


  • Walk in for ED where patient does not speak English
  • Follow up calls to confirm appointment with non-English Speaking Patient
  • Calling non-English Speaking patient to schedule appointment
  • Calling non-English Speaking patient for post-op review
  • Reschedule appointment with on-English speaking patient
We will connect you with an interpreter in less than a minute !


  • Emergency walk-in for Deaf Patients
  • Emergency walk-in for non-English speaking Patients
  • Surgery prep
  • Home visits

 VRI is a cost-effective and fast alternative for ONSITE Interpreting in cases where time is of the essence and seconds can be crucial!

Especially in Hospital and other Emergency Situations with Deaf or non-English speaking patients this is a fast and secure solution to ensure clear communication with your patent resulting in proper diagnostic and care.


Prescheduled Video Interpreting appointments on your Video/telehealth platform (or ours)

INTERPRETERS for Telehealth appointments! 

If you are conducting telehealth appointments as a result of the pandemic, we are here for you.  At a safe distance, of course.    

If your patient needs communication assistance, simply call us, and we will connect to your telehealth platform. 

An interpreter ready for you!  On the screen!  When you need it! 


    • Prescheduled Video Interpreting appointments on your Video platform (or ours)
    • Linguist Staffing for government offices/bases
    • Training for LEP or Deaf Employees
    • Disciplinary meetings for LEP or Deaf employees
    • Medical management meetings for LEP or Deaf populations
    • Psychiatric evals for LEP or Deaf populations
    • Home visits for Adult Protection Services or Child Protection Services with LEP or Deaf Population

    Custom Solutions for your needs

    Help us design custom solutions for your needs

    Imagine your Possibilities

    From Clients like You

    Your peers and colleagues work with The Language Group for all their language service needs

    "I would like to pass a word of thanks and a “well done” to our interpreter from The Language Group on Saturday.  I had written her name down but misplaced it during the night.  She was very interactive with the entire group.  I was impressed with the way that she moved around and helped groups with conversations.  She was very flexible in that we started a little later than scheduled with the presentations.  The entire group appreciated her willingness to go extra, in our opinion.  We would love to have her at any area function in the future.

    We asked that she remain about an hour longer than we had scheduled so you may see a little more than an hour on her final time."

    Warren Freeman

    Operations Manager

    "My staff wanted to pass along kudos for the interpreter for  today. Her name was Margarita and she was excellent. Can you pass this along to her supervisor?"

    B. Janel Moore, MSN, RNC-OB

    Clinical Manager

    “I want to take advantage of this opportunity to tell you, once again, how much I appreciate working with the Language Group and with you personally.  You are a rare language services agency.  Your system is a well-oiled machine, your staff is unfailingly helpful and efficient, your standards second to none and as a result you deliver a service that is a pleasure to be part of.   The way you treat your interpreters is a prominent factor in your excellent service.  You appreciate us, pay us well, treat us with respect and have created an interpreter-friendly system that enables you to hire and retain the best of our profession.  I look forward to our continued work together.”


    Telephone Interpreting (OPI)

    We can provide on-demand Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) services, suitable for a range of settings with 24/7/365 availability in over 200 languages.


    Our customizable translation/localization services will ensure your message is delivered in any language, no matter the medium:  Documents, Web, APPS, Marketing, Research, Discovery, etc.




    Improve your communication with your LEP/Deaf populations with Our on-demand VRI platform.  This service will allow you to communicate with any deaf or LEP client instantly by getting one of our interpreters on the screen almost immediately.



    Increasing patient satisfaction though clear communication by using our on-site interpreting services.  Our on-site interpreting management will allow you to maximize your interaction with your client/patient.



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    Customizable solutions for your entire documentation life cycle.  Our system can integrate into your system so that there is no delay in localizing your content.  Our tool box of services allows us to customize a solution no matter the budget.




    A long-term staffing solution may be a proper fit for your language needs.  Our through screening process will ensure you have the perfect candidate for your unique working environment.



    Translation, American Sign Language, Translation, Localization, Translating, Interpreting, The Language Group, Video Remote Interpreting
    Translation, American Sign Language, Translation, Localization, Translating, Interpreting, The Language Group, Video Remote Interpreting
    Translation, American Sign Language, Translation, Localization, Translating, Interpreting, The Language Group, Video Remote Interpreting
    Translation, American Sign Language, Translation, Localization, Translating, Interpreting, The Language Group, Video Remote Interpreting
    Translation, American Sign Language, Translation, Localization, Translating, Interpreting, The Language Group, Video Remote Interpreting
    Translation, American Sign Language, Translation, Localization, Translating, Interpreting, The Language Group, Video Remote Interpreting