Telephone Interpreting

We can provide full telephone interpreting services, suitable for a range of situations. Telephone interpreting can be used when face-to-face contact is not necessary, or when the requirement is urgent or unexpected.

The preferred method for telephone interpreting is a three-way conference call, although in face-to-face situations the phone can simply be passed back and forth, or by using the speakerphone.

Telephone interpreting can be less costly than other forms, since location and travel time are not applicable. It is also flexible – we can connect you to an interpreter in any language with very short notice — usually under a minute.

Setting up the Service

Call our team at 757-431-9004.
We will ask you a few questions, take some details and assign you with a unique telephone number and ID. Full training and support materials will be provided as needed.

You’ll then be able to use the service whenever you need. Just call one number and you will be connected to a linguist in seconds who will be able to help you with your communication issue.

The service is used for both public and private sectors.

Telephone Interpreting for Public Services

We have teams of interpreting staff specially trained to deal with the general public in situations such as healthcare, security and emergencies.

We are able to pre-arrange specific interpreting assignments to cover more in-depth healthcare issues. For these assignments, gender, subject knowledge and even the experience level of the interpreter can be chosen.

Telephone Interpreters for Business

Our Telephone Interpreting service can be seamlessly integrated into your own business procedures enabling you and your teams to communicate instantly in any language. This helps to dramatically improve your communication with both the diverse home market and with customers overseas.

In other words we make your call center speak any language.

Used to expand the functionality of primarily English language call centers, this service saves your company money by adding ad hoc multi-language functionality to your operations.

Management Information

We will provide you with all the management information you need to monitor your usage of this service. Information can be broken down by user names, languages, minutes used, money spent, and anything else that you may require.

To inquire about setting up a telephone interpreting account email us at